Chairman Of Thailand Economic And Trade Commission Visit Baoji Jucheng

                    Chairman of Thailand Economic and Trade Commission visit Baoji Jucheng

    Baoji City of Industry and Information Bureau Maoyue Li, deputy director of Baoji Foreign Affairs Wang Qun, accompanied the Chairman of the Thailand SME conomic and Trade Commission, Jack Chan visit Baoji Jucheng and discuss the cooperation in Thailand next stage.

   Jianhui Luo, chairman of Baoji Jucheng, introduce the company's products, equipment processing capacity, company history and the future prospects. Mr Jack Chan mainly introduce the functions of the SME, which committed to provide coordination, organization and support services to SMEs to improve production, personnel management, financial operations, the level of market development, create more jobs and benefits opportunity. He also transmit the investment policy and the environment of Thailand and shows big interest of cooperation in the titanium filed.